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“Peace Panel” on World Peace Day

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The panel, organized by the Nicosia Peace Research Center affiliated with the World Peace University, was attended by the Center’s Deputy President. Assoc. Dr. It started with the opening speech of Emine Eminel Sülün.

World Peace University Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sağsan also spoke at the panel.

In his speech, Sağsan emphasized that the concept of peace is about standing against the exploitation of the world’s natural resources, protecting and defending human rights and the dignity of every human being, using ever-valid tools such as dialogue and cooperation, and establishing sustainable peace as soon as possible for millions of people living in the horror of war. He noted that it means making an effort to.

Sağsan continued his speech by stating that “the Peace Bell, built by Japan with the coins donated by children from all continents of the world and located at the UN Headquarters, rang coins for the UN on the Pile-Yiğitler road issue and continues to ring.” Sağsan said, “This panel is meaningful and appropriate so that the heart of every child of the world who has a coin on him will not ache.” He ended his speech with his statement:

In the panel, Prof. from Near East University. Dr. While Nur Köprülü was talking about peace and normalization in the context of the Middle East, Dr. Zehra Azizbeyli presented a paper on peace and environment. Assoc. Prof. from Cyprus International University. Dr. Dilek Latif, assistant professor of peace education, Eastern Mediterranean University. Assoc. Dr. Gülay Umaner Duba gave speeches on federalism and peace.

In the panel, Assist., who is also the President of the Nicosia Peace Research Center from the World Peace University. Assoc. Dr. Emine Eminel Sülün; He made a presentation on clean energy transition, sustainable peace and Cyprus. The panel was attended by Assoc. Prof., Vice Rector of World Peace University. Dr. It ended with a question-answer session moderated by Direnç Kanol.